Fiore Tiles

Our delicate and beautiful line of handcrafted cement tiles bring warmth and a piece of Italian heritage into every home. Our method of customization allows you to personalize your tiles to fit your style. As each tile is handcrafted, we take a lot of care into developing the highest quality tiles for our clients, creating unique Décor you can find nowhere else!


Technical Details

  • Size8 Inches by 8 Inches (203.2mm by 203.2mm)
  • Thickness18-20mm, top layer of oxides will be about 7-8mm
  • Tiles per Square Foot2.25 tiles
  • MaterialsWhite Cement, Grey Cement, Sand & Color Oxides

How They Are Made

Our cement tiles are made from white cement, grey cement, sand and colour oxides. The tiles are pressed by hand on a hydraulic press. Once the tiles are pressed, they are cured for a period of 10-12 days.

Points to Note :

  • 01 . Since the tiles are individually handmade, there may be slight variations in color.
  • 02 . Since the tiles are placed in water for curing, the salt deposits will settle on the solid colors giving variations on the new tiles. These variations will disappear over a period of time.
  • 03 . Since the tiles are individually handmade, there may be slight spillages of color.

Why Choose Cement Tiles Over Other Tiles ?

  • A) Ethnic
  • B) Aesthetic Appeal
  • C) No Health Effects
  • D) Hand-Made
  • E) Eco Friendly
  • F) Customizable (In terms of colors)
  • G) Non Slippery
  • H) Durable
  • I) Economical

Laying of Cement Tiles

The laying of cement tiles can be described as an art as well as a science. We have a number of trusted partners that undertake the process of laying cement tiles. The same can be arranged by us. Or laying of cement tiles can be arranged by customers as per their choice.

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