Cement Tiles are handmade colorful tiles used as floor and wall tiling. A set of four tiles form these patterns which are reminiscent of Italian flooring.


The beautiful Hydrangea, after which this tile is named, forms beautiful formations with each flower coming together. As they bunch together, we see works of art in individual flowers, and a beautiful bouquet when they come together.

Known for their gentle nature, Violets bring about peace and create a pleasant atmosphere. Viola tiles create harmony in the rooms that they are in.

Bellezza literally translates to beauty. Something that we see in every home! A home to us is the coming together of family, colours and love, and we represent that in this tile.

Building on the energy of every flower, Petali tiles create splendid patterns that fill your home with positivity and warmth. The tile creates a welcoming feeling to the visitors.

This summer flower gives a vibrant look and feel to any setting. Veronicas blend well with any and all outdoor settings and work well with bright colours.

The Sunflower brings about vibrancy and life into every corner of your home. Girasole draws inspiration from this lovely flower, and spreads rays of Sunshine into every room that it is a part of.

Lilies have some of the most beautiful blooms in the flower kingdom. This tile weaves together a gorgeous pattern when laid out. Liliana promises to perk up the appearance of any room!

The Antonella flower is known for its grace and beauty. This tile creates a serene atmosphere and a peaceful vibe in every room that it is introduced to. This tile creates a beautiful floral pattern and is sure to make a statement!

The rose forms some of the most intricate patterns in nature. Our Rosa tiles build on this concept and derive inspiration from this beautiful creation.

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